About Us

CHRISTADELPHIAN CARE HOMES exists mainly, although not exclusively, to care for members of the Christadelphian Faith.
We operate 8 Care Homes and 8 Sheltered Housing schemes throughout the UK.
We are able to deliver care tailored to individual needs from low support through to residential, nursing and specialised care, including dementia.
For information regarding each Home or Housing scheme please refer to their individual page.
Underpinning our Ethos is our belief and faith in the things contained in the Bible. 
Christadelphians believe:

That God is all-powerful, all-knowing and the Creator of the universe. That Jesus Christ is His Son, whose death brought about the means to the fulfilment of God's purpose on earth.

That Jesus will return to the earth to establish a kingdom of perfection for His Father, of which we can be members.

That man is inherently prone to sin and in need of salvation from God.

That human nature, therefore, works against God's will and we can consequently only be saved by God's grace and forgiveness.

That baptism by complete immersion in water is necessary for salvation.

That when Jesus returns to the earth, all those who are responsible will be raised from the dead to be judged worthy or not of a place in God's kingdom.

That we should watch carefully things that are happening in the world, so that Jesus' return does not take us by surprise.

That believers should live a morally upstanding life before God, standing apart from the lax values of modern society.

That no-one else has authority - only God through the pages of His word, which, now being completed, is His only source of revelation to mankind.

That the Holy Spirit is God's power which controls everything.

That man has free will to choose whether to pursue God's offers of salvation or not.

That the nation of Israel is very important still in God's plan for the earth.


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